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A popular french mini dessert, the true macaron has a light crisp shell and a smooth creamy centre. From classic flavours to new seasonal ones, we have a macaron for every occasion. Simply thaw and serve these delicate bites, available in packs of 36.

  • Macarons 'Classique'
    Macarons 'Classique'

    These delightful mouthfuls are on trend this year! Our Macarons have a smooth crisp shell, a soft gooey centre, and a bountiful creamy or fruity filling. With 6 intense flavours of Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Coffee, Pistachio, Vanilla, these french delicacies are key in any Afternoon Tea, Café Gourmand or Mini Dessert.

  • Macarons 'Notes Gourmandes'
    Macarons 'Notes Gourmandes'

    Ideal for the winter period with these warm fragrances and sweet flavours, these beautifully presented mouthfuls have a smooth crisp shell , and a smooth centre with a rich ganache or creamy filling. This assortments of macarons have rich flavours of Salted Caramel, Orange, Coconut, Fig with Poppy Seeds, Lemon Curd and Chocolate Gianduja.

  • Macarons 'Emotion'
    Macarons 'Emotion'

    Joy, bliss and delight, spark all kinds of emotions with the New Macarons 'Emotion'. With a crisp outer shell, and a creamy filling, these 6 intense flavours of Chocolate Orange, Raspberry and Redcurrant, Banana and Coconut, Lemon and Lime, Blackcurrant and the Caramel Biscuit will be the comfort of anyone's meal.


These individual tartelettes are the perfect option for that signature dish. This range boasts a triple award winner of 2018. These desserts have a rich creamy or generously topped fruity layer, upon a buttery shortcrust pastry base. In packs of 5 or 10.

  • Chocolate Tartelettes
    Chocolate Tartelettes

    This deliciously rich and creamy dark chocolate ganache is encased in a crisp all-butter pastry, with an added modern flair of dark chocolate drizzle for the personal finishing touch. Serve as a dessert or indulgent treat.

  • Lemon Tartelettes
    Lemon Tartelettes

    This luxurious buttery lemon filling is encased in a crisp all-butter pastry, with an added modern day flair of a chocolate drizzle for a touch of elegance. Serve as a dessert or indulgent treat.

  • Lemon Meringue Tartelettes
    Lemon Meringue Tartelettes

    This Triple Award Winning Tartelette has a smooth creamy lemon filling which sits on top of a crisp all-butter shortcrust pastry. The delicate topping of sweet Italian meringue is hand-piped and offers that smooth contrast of creamy zest to silky sweet. To finish, it is lightly toasted for that golden appearance.

  • Raspberry Tartelettes
    Raspberry Tartelettes

    This beautifully vibrant Raspberry Tartelette has a tangy Raspberry purée bed with an almond enriched, shortcrust pastry case. Hand-glazed for that final touch, its shine shows true French finesse.

  • Apple Tartelettes
    Apple Tartelettes

    This delicious Apple Tartelettes is enriched with fresh apples that create the smooth apple purée base, and more apples which are neatly quartered for a bountiful topping encased in a sweet all-butter shortcrust pastry. Serve hot or cold for a beautiful mini apple dessert.

  • Tartelettes Tatin
    Tartelettes Tatin

    A traditional French delicacy, the Tartelette Tatin is enriched with fresh sliced apples that are caramelised naturally as the sugar, butter and apples cook together. It rests on a crisp all-butter shortcrust pastry. Serve hot or cold with a dollop of vanilla ice cream for that traditional French dessert.

Petits Fours

Showing the true creativity and know-how of our french pâtissiers, this range of Petits Fours offer a huge variety of assortments for any dining occasion. From the ultimate chocolate paradise, to vibrant fruity combinations. These mini desserts are hand-finished and available in packs of 48 – 53 pieces.

  • Petits Fours 'Envie Sucrées'
    Petits Fours 'Envie Sucrées'

    The perfect combination of traditional and modern party foods create our “Sweet Desires” collection. Nine vibrant varieties of mini pâtisserie : Apple Blackcurrant Square, Chocolate Tarlet, Pistachio Rectangle, Lemon Tartlet, Opera Square, Raspberry Financier, Pistachio Rectangle, Coffee Eclair and Chocolate Eclair. With bursts of different flavours and textures, this selection will make the guests desire more.

  • Petits Fours 'Elégance & Chocolat'
    Petits Fours 'Elégance & Chocolat'

    Rich and lavish with a touch of guilty pleasure, we’ve created the ultimate chocolate paradise with the new extravagant 'Elégance & Chocolat' collection. Eight stylish varieties: Chocolate and Coffee Tartelette, Pecan Nut Brownie, Chocolate Ganache Financier, Chocolate Banana Moelleux, Chocolate Eclair, Entremets Gianduja, Chocolate Coco Croustillant, Chocolate Fondant. Using rich flavours like dark chocolate, praline, havelnuts and more, these melt-in-the-mouth bites of delight will please every guest.

  • Petits Fours 'Mirlitons'
    Petits Fours 'Mirlitons'

    Great for an elegant afternoon tea, our 'Mirlitons' collection use traditional recipes to create a timeless assortment of mini cakes. Six melt-in-the-mouth treats: Hazelnut Cake, Morello Cherry Cake, Coconut Macaroon, Pistachio and Apricot Sponge, Apple and Caramel Sponge, and a Chocolate Sponge. With a variety of shapes, colours and textures with added decorations, this beautiful display that would satisfy any guest.

  • Petits Fours 'Histoire Gourmande'
    Petits Fours 'Histoire Gourmande'

    We've taken history's traditionally loved desserts, and create the 'Histoire Gourmande' selection offering a classic touch of France. Eight different mini desserts: Rice Pudding, Chocolate Fondant, Pineapple Cake, Praline Chou, Cherry Tartelette, Coconut Macaroon, Apricot Flan and Gingerbread. Travel through the history of France with every bite.

  • Petits Fours 'Délicatesse'
    Petits Fours 'Délicatesse'

    This Petits Fours collection offers class and finesse to entertain at any occasion. With eight mini treasures: Lemon Tartelettes, Pistachio Almond triangles, Chocolate Coconut Fondant, Blackcurrant and Hazelnut squares, Mini Tiramisu Rectangles, Passion Fruit and Coconut Financiers, Chocolate Caramel Croustillant, and Praline Apricot Croquants.


A range of pre-cut Tarts perfect for any season. With an array of bountiful fruit toppings and smooth purées on top of crisp shortcrust pastry bases, these Tarts are a staple of any dessert menu.
Serve hot or cold, available in 8 and 10 portions.

  • Apple Tart
    Apple Tart

    Fresh apples are peeled, sliced and delicately placed over a rich apple purée bed to create a delightful French Apple Tart. With 10 pre-cut portions, this is the perfect traditional dessert for sharing.

  • Apple and Rhubarb Tart
    Apple and Rhubarb Tart

    With sliced apples and chopped rhubarb generously sprinkled on top of a rich purée base, this Apple and Rhubarb Tart will satisfy any sweet tooth. With 10 pre-cut portions, this is the ideal dessert for a budding party.

  • Lemon Tart
    Lemon Tart

    Our creamy smooth lemon filling is lathered on top of a golden shortcrust pastry base. In pre-cut portions of 10, serve this tangy dessert for larger events, or serve each slice individually with a hot beverage.

  • Tarte Citron Meringuée ‘Italienne’
    Tarte Citron Meringuée ‘Italienne’

    The smooth creamy lemon filling sits on an all-butter shortcrust pastry, and is topped with a sweet Italian meringue to create that contrast of smooth zest and silky sweet. This tart is carefully piped into a rosette and lightly toasted to add that professional finish. This whole tart can be cut into 10 - 12 portions, with a hot wet knife for added precision.


The true french Eclairs are filled with thick rich chocolate, coffee or vanilla flavoured cream. With homemade light and airy choux pastry and a smooth fondant icing. Available as normal or mini sized, these have always been an essential in pastry selections. Available in packs of 10.



A complex layered dessert, Entremets offer intricate layers of rich flavours and textures. From crunchy feuilletine to velvety smooth mousse, sliced these dessert bars into individual bites, slices or triangles and offer that luxurious fine dining experience with little preparation. Offering approx. 18 – 36 portions.

  • Croustillant 3 Chocolats
    Croustillant 3 Chocolats

    Sponge cake, crispy dark chocolate layer, white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse layer, cocoa velvet top decoration.

  • Opéra

    Sponge cake drizzled with coffee from Brazil, cream with coffee from Brazil, almond sponge cake drizzled with Brazilian coffee, dark chocolate ganache, top decoration of cocoa glazing.

  • Macaron Vanille Framboise
    Macaron Vanille Framboise

    Almond sponge cake, vanilla mousse, whole raspberries, almond sponge cake, slivered almonds and powdered sugar for top decoration.


The French word ‘Biscotte’ means twice baked. Baking twice gives its crisp, satisfying taste. Topped, dipped or served with a cheese selection or antipasti dish, all our Biscotte offer many different serving suggestions. Sutiable for Vegans.

  • Mini Toast
    Mini Toast

    Our Mini Toast are little slices of twice baked bitesized bread that are perfect for party canapés or as a snack.

  • Ficelles de Pain
    Ficelles de Pain

    The new breadstick! These are long and thin in shape with a flat top. Perfect to be used as for topping or dipping.

  • Tartines de Pain
    Tartines de Pain

    This artisan style toasted bread is ideal for pâte or butter. At 33 calories per slice, these crunchy slices are perfect for topping and dipping, or serving with a cheese board.

  • Salad Croutons
    Salad Croutons

    We offer two types of French croutons and these are our moreish cubed salad croutons, made from fresh French bread.

  • Soup Croutons
    Soup Croutons

    No more soggy bread at the bottom of the soup bowl! Our fried soup croutons are made using fresh French bread, and stay crunchy for the entire meal.