Why choose Brioche Pasquier?

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Be a part of the Brioche Pasquier family
Here at Brioche Pasquier, we pride ourselves on welcoming new colleagues to our Brioche Pasquier USA family. Support from managers have been put in place in order for new colleagues to discover the different aspects of the business.

Employees have a true relationship of trust, thanks to the family values that are embodied by Directors and Managers.

Brioche Pasquier has always been committed to helping team members evolve according to their ambitions while meeting the needs of the company, thanks to our internal training program. On a daily basis, the exchanges between colleagues makes it possible to acquire the Brioche Pasquier culture and savoir-faire.

Brioche Pasquier offers all employees the opportunity to evolve their skills according to their ambitions, motivations, and experiences. Our organization and the variety of careers that we offer in the company, allow us to promote learning and to develop skills for internal progression. We offer the opportunity to work in France or at one of our other divisions across the globe.