Our Expertise

40 years of 'savoir-faire'

From the family bakery in Les Cerqueux, France back in 1974 through present time, we continue to carefully select quality ingredients to bring you recipes that are simple, yet delicious. Each of our recipes is adapted to be enjoyed throughout the day, whether for breakfast, dessert, or for a snack. We offer something for everyone.

Our process

Our raw materials are selected with care to make our exceptional quality products, from French wheat, fresh eggs, to fresh apples. Here at Brioche Pasquier, we believe that quality ingredients are what make our products excellent. We take pride in the care taken when we select suppliers whom we build excellent relationships with to ensure our values are respected.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our unique taste is based on simple recipes that retain all the indulgent qualities of our products. We pay particular attention to the choice of our raw materials, according to the following criteria: the nutritional value of each ingredient, the integrity of our raw materials, and their traceability and reliability. Conscious of our role, we have commited to only use eggs from cage-free hens by 2025, across our entire company's production. Through our experience and "savoir-faire" as the French say, we have learned to continuously maintain and develop our skills, while strickly respecting of our product integrity. Directly from our suppliers, through production to the delivery of our products, here at Brioche Pasquier, we are committed to guaranteeing the safety of our products, their ingredients, and the traceability of both.