Apply to Brioche Pasquier


Your mission

The experts and the industrial designers of the Mechanical sub-department’s mission is to select and design the machines that will answer three requirements:
- product innovation, with the design of new adapted tools
- process innovation, with the creation of transfers and interfaces allowing production to flow
- Pasquier improvement and standardisation, which consists of providing supplements to existing machines in order to build them into a Pasquier production line

Why choose Brioche Pasquier:
At Brioche Pasquier, the designers are involved in the projects from start to finish. Going beyond the virtual conception of the machines, we also entrust to them the follow-up of parts manufacturing, assembly and adjustments.

This job is for you if:
- You have a level 5 qualification in Industrial Design/ Design Engineering
- You are curious and attentive to technological innovations
- You are a driving force for proposals and enjoy answering challenges

Your career:
Giving opportunites to each individual and offering possibilities for development to all - that is our philosophy. Your motivation, ambition and experience will allow you to grow within the company.