The Brioche Pasquier Group

An International Company

For more than 10 years, Brioche Pasquier has expanded its activities beyond the French borders and is now present in 35 countries.

Brioche Pasquier believes in being closer to our consumers which is why we build sites in the countries that we operate in. This allows us to understand the different cultures and the market, rather than being an exporter of our products.

Brioche Pasquier can be an English, American or Italian brand whilst respecting our French identity.


With our strong baking expertise, we have successfully entered the USA market and today we can see a strong growth in our Brioche Pasquier range. With the acquistion of Galaxy Desserts in 2012, it has allowed us to establish the brand with our pâtisserie range and also to grow the brioche range.


Brioche Pasquier has a commercial office located in Seoul, South Korea. Our expertise and excellent quality pâtisserie products have allowed us to adapt products to the tastes of our Asian consumers.


In 2001, Brioche Pasquier decided to set up a commerical office in the UK to establish a presence here in the UK, which is a beginning of a long story. We created new products and adapted our existing products to meet the needs of the UK consumers, such as, individually wrapped products. In 2014, our first UK production site was built in Milton Keynes.


In Germany, we are mostly present in the foodservice sector.
Our French pâtisserie expertise has allowed us to enter the market with our products such as Tartes and Petits Fours.


In Belgium, Brioche Pasquier is the market leader in viennoiserie in retail and we have a strong presence in foodservice with our Macarons, Doughnuts and Tartes.


Our presence in Spain is strong in Biscotte (toasted bread) after acquiring 'Productos Recondo' in 2001. We are are developing our presence in Spain using our Pains au Lait. In 2014, a new factory was built in Irun with a production line dedicated to Pains au Lait to accompany our growth.


Our subsidiary in Italy is our most recent of the Brioche Pasquier group. Thanks to our 'savoir-faire', we can develop our growth in Italy with our Biscotte range. Pains au lait, Pancakes and Macarons are among our customers' favourites.